Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Studio Revamp

Being new to what a studio is and how it should be laid out.. Has been frustrating.  I have been putting paintings in a pile because I was not quite sure what to do with them.  People would come and ask to see certain pieces and they would watch me dig about.  That was then.. This is now!

Karla's Blog Life On The Flip Side had a little blip on how she did her studio walls.  I thought it would be perfect, and it is.  Hubby was skeptical and decided that he would get enough molding for one wall.  He put it up last night and when he saw how well the system worked it was a no-brainer.  Went to Lowe's and got enough to go around my whole studio. Thanks Karla!

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  1. Your welcome Catherine! Congrats to you and hubby. Very nice job - and quick!! Love your paintings you have displayed.