Saturday, July 30, 2011

Highlandtown Lake II Plein Air

Highlandtown Lake II
5x7 Acrylic
   Painting has always given me respite from physical pain. Now I find the focus it requires gives solace from other kinds of hurt.  So quietly painting the last few days.  The last week has been very trying and sad. I  pray that the worst fear I have doesn't come to pass.  Lord willing dad will be with us a little while longer with a measure of health. In this I pray.
    Funny how one marks things in life's cycle.  One year and full circle today as I put a few paintings in the Columbiana County fair.  Last year it was the first place I started out. Fearful and anxious that my paintings would be looked at by others.  Now this year I'm expectant of perhaps doing well.   Ha!  If that is not a 180 deg. change in tune!


  1. This is beautiful -- both the painting and the thought. I'll keep you and your dad in my prayers.

  2. Very pretty, Catherine. Hope you dad is doing better too. Good luck at the fair also. Prayers for you and dad both.

  3. Helen.. Mary... Thanks for the prayers.