Saturday, November 19, 2011

Shiprock Revisited
22x24 Oil  on hardboard
 Its a challenge to be an artist that is never satisfied with their work.  The  drive to do better creates such a strong internal tension that I just can't leave it alone.  The painting of Shiprock below is no exception I could not leave it as it was.   The immensity of the area called out for a proper representation of the scale and depth.  So my goal was to learn how to represent these elements.  Thanks to a few suggestions from the Southwest artists I was able to incorporate what I learned into the painting.  A few elements  are not to my liking and I'm still not pleases with.   Joe, says "Sign it." and is  not wanting me to dab anymore paint on it.  My thoughts on that are.. He has to go to sleep sometime.  ;-)

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