Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Pelican, Florida

Pelican Florida
5x7 Oil on Hardboard
  Holidays are winding down and though my studio is still in flux I'm trying to paint.  Its not the best place to paint right now, to much funky reflective light bouncing about.  So I have just been doing little paintings for now.

Pelican is an example of how the ambient lighting effects the palette.  He turned out ok but he is much orangery than I was expecting.  I'm not good enough yet to compensate when mixing.  Though compensation may not even be possible but, since I didn't read that book either, I think I'm going to give it a go.
Been in a bit of a "I hate everything I paint slump"  Even my drawing has been affected.  The painting 'Dancing In Light' is causing most of my discomfort.  What I learned from the handling of light and shadow really took me to a higher level in my painting.  Now I'm struggling to master what I learned.  Makes for lots of wasted paint and a grumpy little painter.



  1. This is a wonderful artwork! And the subject is so unusual, special and for sure difficult to paint!
    My compliments to you!

  2. Grazie mille Fausto, for you kind words. Pelicans are not the most painterly birds out there are they? ;-)

  3. For sure they are not! To be honest this is the first painted pelican I've ever seen!

  4. This is really a fine painting, Catherine!

    I know what you mean about trying to paint up to the level of your last successful painting! It's often difficult to do.
    I sometimes try to paint a similar color schemed painting to emulate the feel of the successful one.

  5. Thanks Dean for stopping by and for the suggestion. I'm taking that one to heart and am going to try another one like the dancer.