Sunday, March 3, 2013

A Little News

     Got a bit of news!  The Fort Myers Beach Art Association had their reception this afternoon. I was contacted and told I had gotten an award, but didn't know which one. The art there was just so stellar (and my piece so little) that I figured it was an honorable mention or some such thing. I was a bit shocked when I walked in to find out that 'Running Free' I had taken grand.
     The FMBAA had a wonderful reception and I met many talented artists.  I truly can say that this group is serious about their commitment to advancing and giving to the arts.  Everyone I have met over the last few weeks is eager to give a helping hand to all artists.
One more thing though..  I do have to give thanks to the Lord and also to Joe for being supportive. 


  1. That is great. Is that where you are close to? There is some beautiful things around that area to paint. It was a great picture.

  2. Thanks Mary.. Yes we are about 10 m ins as the crow flies. About 45 as the roads go. It is a lovely place to paint!