Saturday, June 1, 2013


oil  12x16 canvas board
I have been wanting to paint this ref. photo for the last year.  Kind of intimidated with how the sunflower was right in the viewers face.  Tried a few little 5x7 and it just didn't do it justice.  So went a little bit bigger and found that the design worked much nicer.
All in all I'm happy with it.. Just might add a few blues/purples in the center though to highlight.  A thought..


  1. Hi Catherine, it was nice to have met you @ Minerva and talk about plein air.

    Your enthusiasm is infectious so I'm going to make a point to try to paint outdoors more. Also, I think I probably should try to start up a blog as well to get some of my work out there. Once I do I will let you know. Thanks for all your advice and friendliness. Oh and we really like the ceramics we purchased.

    1. Chris, I enjoyed meeting you as well. :)

      A blog is really helpful. It helps keep you focused on what your trying to accomplish in life. I feel that a blog post is a reflection pause, a notation along the journey called art and life.
      I wish you could get out more to plein air as well. Planing on going to the Artspot artist reception? Hope to see you there Friday. Perhaps we can set up a few plein air dates. Would be nice to get a group together.

  2. Sorry I missed that event.

    So anyway, I started up a blog. I have a grand total of 2 posts. I'm really hoping that this does not consume me. I can blather on, so I need to be careful to paint more than blog.

    Anyway, my blog is here:

    I'll be putting up some more stuff soon.

    Keep me posted on any future plein air events that you become aware of.

  3. I visited your blog! Chris your work is lovely!!

    Emailing you with a paint out. Three day event this August.