Friday, September 13, 2013

Great Trail Festival

Been awhile since I posted hasn't it?   Painting and potting for festivals leaves little time for other things I guess.  A little about what I have gotten myself into..  . :)  Since I missed out on the Wheeling Oglelbayfest (somehow the application didn't make it and I waited to long to call to find out about it).  I decided to make some calls to other festival events to make up for the Wheeling one.   The worst that could happen is that I would hear "Fill out an application for next year."  The first festival I called was The Great Trail Festival after hearing that the festival was closed to venders this year so I asked to be on the mailing list for next year.  Barb asked what my art consisted of and I gave her my website and next thing I know I was admitted!  Seems they needed a potter.
  First off I didn't realize that it was a two weekend deal so spent three weeks potting like crazy and finishing up paintings.  The festival was right up there as one of the nicest festivals that I have participated so far in my art journey.  It was also the most tiring!  But well worth the effort.  Here are a few photos of the set-up and I was invited back next year, of course I said yes.  ;)

  Oh.. First dress up event too and that added to the excitement of the event.  Where else can you display your work and still get to play in the mud? 

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