Saturday, December 28, 2013

The Orange

Orange 1
5x7 panel

Quick 20 minute still life diddle I did while Joe was watching football.  Oil on panel 5x7.  I like the painting though the orange is a tad bit floaty.   Hmm.. Guess I should not have eaten the orange just yet.  ;)  When it drys a bit I'll fix it.

"Color, color everywhere and not a thing to paint."
Sometimes that happens doesn't it?  You find yourself in one of these little ruts and can't seem to find something to paint.  Even though the world is just chock full of things nothing seems to suit.

   I'm trying to shake off one of those little ruts right now.  I've been afraid to paint for the last 4 or 5 months.  Yes, afraid to paint.  Why?  Because people, though meaning well, keep saying things such as, "You have to paint bigger."   Then there is the one I hear most often, "Your paintings are lovely but to win you need to capture more wall space, paint bigger."  I have several large canvases started but don't want to finish.  There is just to much tension to preform going on when I sit down to paint.
  When I was painting for 8 months my mentor gently insisted that I start to enter art shows.  His reasoning?  As a tool to compare my work with other artists to see where I needed improvement and to lean about styles.   He was right, I have learned much from shows.  But, truthfully while its nice to win or place its not necessary.  (Btw.. never say that out loud to an artist who takes winning seriously.) 
   What it all boils down to is this,   I don't want to paint better than other artists I just want to paint better for me.  Wherever that takes my art is where I want to be. 


  1. Catherine, well said and I think many of us are probably in the same place, I know I am.

  2. Helen, people want to share in the journey don't they? I find the company is most welcome, but sometimes people want to veer down a path of their choosing, not mine. I'm am finding out that when you take the suggestions to heart you can end up a bit lost. I really missed painting. :/

  3. I think you said it all Catherine. Paint what you like. Paint at the size you're comfortable with, and do it because you love to do it.

  4. I had forgotten how much fun painting can be Chris. Btw, your suggestions on artists has been most helpful.