Sunday, January 12, 2014

"Awaiting High Tide" Ref-photo chosen from the dreaded "When I Am a Better Artist Box"

Awaiting High Tide
11x14 Oil on Hardboard

The ref-photo for this work was taken out of my "When I Am a Better Artist Box."   Yes I really do have one of those boxes.  It is where the reference photos which scare the heck out of me end up.   Love the ref but just don't feel accomplished enough to tackle it.

Here is how it works.  Every month or so I stick my hand in the box, mix up the photos, and without looking I pull one out.  The rule is that no matter what the ref is I 'have' to paint it.  I have found picking from the box to be as intimidating as willingly putting one's hand into a hornets nest. I guess its needless to say the box is intimidating, but also rewarding too.

I'm not keen on doing boats as they have such a weird shape to them, I was so very tempted to put the photo back in the box.  But rules are rules and it turned out much better than I thought it would. 


  1. Looking awesome. You nailed it Catherine.

  2. Thanks Chris. Did you check out the Wet Canvas site? The ref-photo for this painting was from one of the Weekend Drawing/painting events. I did not do this one at the time but I loved it so that I put it in my box. :)