Thursday, June 30, 2011

Rock and Flower

Rock & Flower
Mixed Media / Oil & acrylic
Finally got to go out and play outside. Been a bit under the weather lately so it was a nice little outing,  Did a acrylic under painting plein air of one of my backyard flower beds. Then finished it in-studio with oils.
    I'm finding it a real challenge to paint outside without an audience.  But, when unexpected company shows up, well I just wanted to hide.  So when very sweet young man of  12 or so showed up suddenly to see what was going on. I panicked..but since dashing away would have really look silly, I stood my ground. I must have had the deer in the headlight look as my Joe was watching from the pier with his 'amused country boy grin' on.
  Braced for the worst.. as the visitor unabashedly sauntered up with his fishing pole.  I watched in slow motion, it seemed. As he checked out my painting...  "Lady... That is a really nice painting!"   I could barely sputter out.. "Thanks."
   Then Joe let out a deep rumble of heartfelt laughter. "Now are you going to believe me Honey?!"  I smirked and grinned.  Sure did make me feel a whole lot better about painting in front of strangers.
  If I attend the YSU Festival Of The Arts, July 9t & 10th,  I signed up to do painting at my booth.  The intent being to help me get over painting with people watching.  I think they have  pysc program there.. ;-)  I may need counseling afterwards... ;-)

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