Monday, June 6, 2011

Summer Jetty

Summer Jetty
Oils 11x14
Canvas Hardboard

Water has such an intimate draw to humans. When I watch people who stand on the coastline, I see their eyes constantly scan the expanse before them. Occasionally their fascination with the undulating rhythm is interrupted by a seagull or other creature. But soon their gaze returns to the sea. Then off come the shoes and they reach in to pat and play as the water swirls about their ankles. I am no different than those on the beach and the years have not diminished the my yearning and study of the colors and shapes are within the waves. They say paint what you know.. I say paint what drives you! Whatever the connection that we humans have to the ocean, it is a marvel to behold.    One of God's wonders laid out in all its splendor which I am driven to put to canvas.  But a shallow copy of the splendor He lays before us.  An artist can but try....

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