Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Atwood Lake

11x14 Acrylic
Canvas hardboard
     I did a few quick sketches on canvas when we went fishing at Atwood Lake.  It was such a pretty area I had to bring my paints, but I forgot my white.. Oops.. One color not to forget so sketches it was.
     I have been using a very limited palette lately.  Tit. Wht, Lemon Yellow, Cad. Yel. Med., Alizarn Crimson, Ult. blue, and since I have not been able to find the tube of Chrome Oxide Green.. well I guess its even more limited.  ;-)


  1. Beautiful violets in the water's reflections.

  2. Pam, Thanks for stopping by! Magenta purple is crawling into most of my paintings. ;-) It used to be orange.
    Your blog pieces are really appealing, I enjoyed them! Perhaps one day I'll grow into that wonderfully loose and shimmery style too.