Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Mountain Trails

Mountain Trails
18x24 Acrylic Gallery Wrap Canvas
Lately I've had an interest in reflected light from more of a physics standpoint than through an artist's eye.  I want to understand how light works beyond what ones mind allows the viewer to see at specific moments in time.  When one views a breathtaking scene the eye picks up the little nuances or sparkles and shows the brain, the brain never really shows these on an intellectual level.  Instead the viewer gets an emphatic rendering of the scene rather than all of the information that is really there.  The viewer enjoys the scene but can't pick out specific reasons why.  If you don't think this is true ask yourself why the human language contains so many phases along the lines of, "To beautiful for words?"  See how many more you can come up with. 
As an artist I want to invoke those feelings that the brain imparts to the viewer, I think this is what makes art far more appealing than viewing a photo. 

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