Wednesday, April 25, 2012


5x7 Oil on Board
Just a little diddle that turned into a full 6 hours of painting.  More time was spent studying where I went wrong with the figure than the painting.   If you scroll down the blog you will see that there are not many if any human figures painted here.  Trying to change that.

Ah.. Yes.. someone asked where have I been painting wise since I have not posted one for about two weeks. (Gee, has it been that long?).  The answer is trying to paint still life.  Not to much success at it as real life tends to have more color and variety than photos.  I am at a loss right now on how to paint it realistically without putting everything I see in it.  That is the tough part. I hope get handle on it soon.  Right now it is taking up all my painting time just practicing.


  1. A wonderful painting as always!!! I like the composition: it's very dynamic!

  2. Thank you Fausto. It was a good ref. photo to work from.