Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Apple and Pear, a study in life

Oil 7x7 on board
     Jim's class Oil Painting In Cowboy Boots 101  has been pitching me fits, the 2nd  assignment was to paint from a still life set up as close to his photo of one he posted for us to paint (First assign. a few posts back.)
     I found that painting from photos is so much easier than painting from life.  I know the camera only sees 4000 colors..  but you would think some of the shadows would have the blues, pinks, golds, and greens that are in real life would at least show up!  Not!  The camera shows none of the dynamics in a shadow.
After setting up the still life.. And three attempts later I finally asked Jim for a bit of insight.  Trying to paint all the colors was frustratingly overwhelming!  How to put them all in?  When you try to put them all in it turns to mud.  His advice.   Squint..  and quit when it looks pretty..  :-D  So.. I did and here is the result.  Still has issues but it is really pretty.
Btw.. pears don't last to long under the light!  Even Joe won't eat them.

This is the set up.  Notice the top left of the pear is a tad bit brown. lol.. I had to paint from memory as the skin of the pear changes in hue and saturation.

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