Monday, August 20, 2012


5x7 Oil Hardboard

   Took a few days to go play in Cleveland.  Yes, Cleveland.  Who knew that Cleveland had turned into a culture orientated city? 

  What started the adventure..  We Love zoos and thought it might be worth a day trip.  Turned into two days.   Last time I was in Cleveland it was in a state of upheaval, do to the steel mills closing.  Not a pretty site.  Though with time all things change, and this city has taken a step to the better side of those sad times.
   Enjoyed 5 hours at the art museum before it closed.  Only got halfway through the basement exhibits and have two more floors left to explore.   If the basement is any indication of a time line, we will be spending a weeks worth of days just to finish going through it!  Decided since it was getting late we should stay over and spend a whole day at the zoo.   They don't have a wide variety of animals but they all have a healthy gleam in their eyes and to their coats. An enjoyable day.

   At the zoo people probably thought me a bit nutty.  With taking so many photos-of their idea of the same thing.  But, as I have found out, it is rare for a single photo to make a good painting.  To get a feel for all of what is going on and forming a road map of sorts you need to have slight variations to see shifts in values.  Cameras do lie to artists!
   Hope you enjoy this one as much as I did when I painted him.

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