Thursday, August 23, 2012

Young Herd Sire

OIl  5x7 Harboard

The trip to the zoo was so inspiring!  I couldn't help but paint this fellow!   I had to use three or four photos to get this right.  He was standing at such an odd angle to the camera that not all of him would fit so I had to move around the enclosure to get clear shots of him.  I ended fudging a bit here and there, but still a bit thrilled that it worked out.
The second photo shows the painting at the 'almost finished stage.'  Usually I work the background at the same time but this was an experiment to see just how the values and hues change when placed  next to different colors.  The idea came from a canvas that I primed with left over mix of paint that was a deep red. (Waste not want not right?)  Normally I use a magenta/orange wipe so it was kinda of odd to paint on this.  There really is difference how the eye perceives the colors isn't there?    I did add a touch of the finish background and had to deepen some of the shadow values to him so the colors would be harmonious. Though most of the elephant's coloring is untouched.

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