Saturday, October 13, 2012

So.. Thats The New Chick

12x16 Canvas paper
I'm still recovering from a brief illness and I can't tell you how much of a joy it is to finally be caught up with life.  Its also nice to be able to feel like painting again and getting out of the house!  Along those lines.. My class went well today and I got a lot of input.  Sure nice to feel back to normal.

     I've talked before about my "When I'm A Better Artist Box," well this painting was from one of those ref. photos that I pulled from the box the other day.
  The challenge for me was painting in a large format with more than one or two subjects.  Its hard to keep head tilts and eyes on the same plane.  While this painting has a bit of an amateurish feel to it, just getting over doing more than one subject makes it a success.  Not to mention that I did not use a brush on these gals, strictly knife.  I was trying to see if I still remembered how to use knives.

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