Saturday, May 7, 2011

My First Best In Show Award!

The Steubenville Art Association had their Art Show reception today. I knew I had won an award but would not find out which one till the opening. I just knew it was an honorable mention and I was super excited just to be considered at the show. I started walking down the hall looking at all the great paintings. I glanced up and became quite dumbfounded then went right into shock from there. Is that my painting? Why is it on an easel?..No.. No... Can't be... Ribbon.. no.. Yes.. Its a Purple Ribbon! My first Juried show.. and a best in show. I'll be painting on cloud nine for a few days


  1. We were so happy for you and glad we were there to enjoy seeing the surprise and joy on your face at winning it. Made the trip all the more worth while. Enjoy it.

  2. Well deserved too... congratulations Catherine.