Saturday, February 25, 2012

Lessons With Mike Rooney

Gracie's Garden
11x14 Oil
Gee... not sure where to start this post. So I'll begin with a little chatter about  Mike Rooney. He is an awesome teacher artist and new found friend. He gave me tools to work with so I can become a better artist.   One of the first things he went over was how important it was to have a good understanding of hue, value, temperature, and saturation.  Then applied it to my plein aire instruction.  Talked me though everything from start to finish using wonderful analogies that are simple and easy to remember.  I don't chase shadows now or even worry if it clouds up and I lose the light.
Ah.. and did I mention he also got me over my fear of painting in front of people?  Saving that story for when I have more time to write. :)
Mike is easygoing and a blast to learn from and to paint with.  I highly recommend Mike's workshops and if you really want to learn spend the extra and take private lessons with him.  Its well worth it!  Check out his blog at Mike Rooney Studios

My reception at The Market Street Art Spot in Minerva Oh. is on the 9th.  Busy framing and finishing up a few paintings. So stop in and check out my paintings.  Looking forward to seeing ya all!

About the painting.. its a plein aire that I did in Key Largo.  Took a little more than two hours to finish.  I wish the picture was a bit better.  In person it really looks like you can walk into it, almost 3D.     I'll be posting more of the Key paintings when I get a chance.

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  1. Love the composition that invites the viewer in!
    Great use thick paint for foliage effect! The darks make it all stand out.
    I'm going to check out Mike on the net.