Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Running Free

Running Free
8x10 canvas
Been awhile since I did a southwest theme.. Not that I didn't want to be doing them.. Just been learning.. sometimes learning means no finished pieces just practice and studies.

Been working on Jim's (Jim57 from WC) and Mike Rooney's suggestions of value, transition, and soft edges with lost edges.

This little mare has been bouncing around in my head for two weeks now. I sketched her and kept going back to visit.. Well her stall was getting full.. If ya'll know what I mean. So she got let out today.

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  1. Love this piece...and lots of your others that are "as we speak" gracing the walls of the gallery! Fans of Catherine Kendrick art should definitely come to the opening reception...I'm sure the paintings will not hang too long on the walls!