Monday, January 21, 2013

Southwest Artist Exchange

I was happy to participate in the Wet Canvas Southwest Forum Artist Art Exchange.  My partner was Jenna and this is the piece that I created for her.

Things here have been busy.  With the new house, traveling, and being sick its been hard to paint.    The three months of being sick has taken a bit of a toll.  Not painting everyday has left me feeling a bit intimidated when looking at a blank canvas on the easel.  I think I have my studio set-up where I can be happy painting again and since I'm feeling better I have no excuses. 
My hope this year is to start painting bigger.  But now I really have to paint bigger.  I ordered a couple of large format canvas boards along with my usual sizes, but there was a mistake when the company shipped them.  Now I have 50 large canvases and the company didn't charge me for the panels since it was their mistake..  Told me just to keep them.  Hmm must be a bit of a God Wink going on.  So painting bigger it is. :D

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