Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Montezuma's Well Cacti

5x7 OIl  Hardboard
      Did this one during a visit to Montezuma's Well. I liked how the cacti was nestled out on a ledge. People thought I was a bit nuts just doing the cacti when there was so much open space to be painted. Ah well its not their painting its mine!  :D  

    Still not used to people taking my picture with my painting, which I took it in stride. Then there are the people asking me if I would pose with their family too. Now this request I found to be extremely odd. The ones that wanted me in their family pic all came from China. After the third family asked to have a group picture with me, I was itching to ask if it was a cultural thing. But because I didn't know how to phrase it without making it seem awkward I let it go. Made me feel a bit odd/weird. 
       Joe says I'm just to personable for my own good.   Nah.. That is not it the case. But right now I'm just waiting for the adoption papers to come through.    :D

Anyway.. took only a 1/2 hour because I had premixed some earth tones and reds the night before so was not hard to slop it on to the canvas.


  1. Very nice Catherine! The story about pictures is funny! We are not used to this too... But I think... something which looks so easy for us may be special for somebody else. Plain air painting, after all, is a magic thing! You create something beautiful publicly. Those Chinese families will go back in their homes and will tell their friends, while looking photos, to have met an artist painting cacti in real time! And they will show, proudly, their pictures with you! After all is a good thing!

  2. After reading your take on this Fausto, I think your right. I'll remember to just enjoy the moment too!