Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Sedona Plein Air

5x7 oil    Hardboard
     Wishing everyone a safe and happy new year!!!

      This is a plein air I did in Sedona.  Its of the rock formation outside our condo.  I was not interested so much in the composition, but in the true representation of color.  The colors have to be right to make up for the camera not seeing the true value, temp., and hue.  This will be a big help with working off of photos in the studio.   I painted this from inside, looking out.  Much warmer! Since most of the weather during our trip was unseasonably cold it made it hard to get out and paint.  Not feeling well was a factor in not having as many plein air pieces as I wanted finished. :/    I'll post some of the others soon.
       Right now I'm working on a larger format painting and this piece is a very helpful reference. So even if your not comfortable at plein air painting, please at least dab come colors in a note book with an entry about it.  It will help your studio paintings come to life.


  1. Very well done! Colors are very nice and the sky color has that special hue... i don't know how to say in English sorry... You know when the sky looks so big, and matte... ok, ok i give up: Special!

  2. Thanks Fausto... I felt that way in painting it. Words are not big nor descriptive enough!