Monday, January 30, 2012

Apple and Pear Study

Apple & Pear
Oil 16x20

This piece is the most difficult piece I have ever done.  It took 8 hours and lots of grumbling!
The post ahead of this was the start of Jim's instruction on how to paint using oils, which was the value study for this painting.
What did I learn?  So much that my head hurts.. bad..    Lets see..
1) You don't need more than three colors; Alz.Crimson, Ult. Blue, and Indian Yellow.
2)  Shadows made with a transparent colors are deeper and richer.
3) Value shifts are key and must be represented properly. Everywhere!
4) Reflections from other objects and ambient light sources are what gives the best depiction when  painting a subject it gives it the proper descriptive form.
5)  That I have a long way to go to have my paintings sing a sweeter song.. 


  1. Wonderful! I really like it! Nice composition, bright colors... And a great 3d rendering of the white towel too! Really a great work!

  2. I'm trying to learn more about oils and how to use them. My mentor is a watercolorest. While he has a wonderful sense about him with the oils he can't tell me how to use them well. This one was a really big step for me.
    I'm glad you stopped by. I was wondering the other day what you were going to start on next.