Sunday, January 22, 2012

Monochrome study

Oil 12x16 canvas pad
Monochrome value study from the WC Southwest Forum.  Jim started an instructional thread, its going to be a good one. I'm grateful he is taking the time to help others become better artists.

This is the first lesson. Monochrome painting to help us find the correct value relationships. The oil paints colors are ult. blue, alz. crimson, and indian yellow.  All are transparent colors that make a nice dark value. We were not to use white.. that was the hard part!  I forgot the paints we are using are dyes.  The dyes stained the canvas paper.  I am used to putting the paint on and subtracting it off of the canvas so the paper worked against me. So the value around the napkin is way to dark..Now I wished I used a panel! Live and learn!


  1. Excellent study Catherine! I love how you painted the napkin! The shadows are so strong.

    1. Hi Brad, Thanks for stopping in and the kind comment. Shadows and the values are in them has always been a stumbling block for me. Esp. in photos!