Monday, January 9, 2012

Western Waterfall

Western Waterfall
5x7 oil on Hardboard

Just a little diddle to get back in to the saddle a bit for the western forum.  We are having an exchange of art work there and was busy painting a piece to swap (can't show it till the 20th though.) Working on three larger pieces at the moment.  Big is way outside my comfort zone.

Then there is the studio issue.  Studio is now at a standstill as the lumber yard dropped the ball with ordering the bead board.  Waiting a month and we still don't have it.  Joe and I went to another place and got a close facsimile for the rec room. But it still leaves my room undone.   Guess it is well worth the wait though.  Oh.  I did pick up cabinets at a good price so there is that.. ;-) 

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