Thursday, May 26, 2011

Water Lily

Water Lily
11x14 Linen Hardboard
       Its been two years since the accident.  Lots of  mixed feelings and lack of interest in things, painting being one of them.  As much as I prayed for a perfect healing, I know I will never have my health back.  I thank God that the neck surgery has given me a measure of relief and the pain is now bearable. What a joy it is that I can plant flowers, and take a walk about with my Joe.
    So yesterday I decided to quit being so melancholy and paint! Went to the Week End Drawing Event at Wet Canvas.. Picked out a reference, sat down and painted!  This past week Robert (Skappy) graciously hosted.

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Awaiting Renewal

Awaiting Renewal
18x24 On Linen Hardboard
Hard to believe that only 8 days have past since I started on this.  It consumed me a bit so it feels more like a month has gone by.  Hard part was waiting for the oil to get tacky enough to press forward.  For the 'moment' I'm happy with it.  Probably put this one in the Crosscurrent Stifel Show this week. 
  The reference for this came from the Wet Canvas April Landscape Challenge.  I wandered over to the forum to see last months work and liked the ref. so I decided to paint it.

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Yesterday... A good painting day..

I have been very quiet. Not painting much the last two weeks.  Makes me feel guilty when I don't at least try and paint.  Made up for it yesterday though.  Painted 3 5x7s and just had fun.

Camera died.. :-/  So I am at the mercy of a not so good one..  Running up to the camera shop on Thursday to see what works well with knife paintings.  The studies of the building are from the Steubenville (Ohio) Blast Furnace Plant.. Sadly now empty.
 I really miss my camera...  Ocean Jetty... Well better than no picture at all
Ocean Jetty
Oil 5x7 Linen Hard Board

Saturday, May 7, 2011

My First Best In Show Award!

The Steubenville Art Association had their Art Show reception today. I knew I had won an award but would not find out which one till the opening. I just knew it was an honorable mention and I was super excited just to be considered at the show. I started walking down the hall looking at all the great paintings. I glanced up and became quite dumbfounded then went right into shock from there. Is that my painting? Why is it on an easel?..No.. No... Can't be... Ribbon.. no.. Yes.. Its a Purple Ribbon! My first Juried show.. and a best in show. I'll be painting on cloud nine for a few days