Thursday, June 30, 2011

Rock and Flower

Rock & Flower
Mixed Media / Oil & acrylic
Finally got to go out and play outside. Been a bit under the weather lately so it was a nice little outing,  Did a acrylic under painting plein air of one of my backyard flower beds. Then finished it in-studio with oils.
    I'm finding it a real challenge to paint outside without an audience.  But, when unexpected company shows up, well I just wanted to hide.  So when very sweet young man of  12 or so showed up suddenly to see what was going on. I panicked..but since dashing away would have really look silly, I stood my ground. I must have had the deer in the headlight look as my Joe was watching from the pier with his 'amused country boy grin' on.
  Braced for the worst.. as the visitor unabashedly sauntered up with his fishing pole.  I watched in slow motion, it seemed. As he checked out my painting...  "Lady... That is a really nice painting!"   I could barely sputter out.. "Thanks."
   Then Joe let out a deep rumble of heartfelt laughter. "Now are you going to believe me Honey?!"  I smirked and grinned.  Sure did make me feel a whole lot better about painting in front of strangers.
  If I attend the YSU Festival Of The Arts, July 9t & 10th,  I signed up to do painting at my booth.  The intent being to help me get over painting with people watching.  I think they have  pysc program there.. ;-)  I may need counseling afterwards... ;-)

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Mountain Trail

9x12 Acrylic
18x24 Acrylic
Had some fun today with a photo from the Southwest Monthly Challenge.   I did this one to help me get warmed up to finish the large one. ::Sigh::

I started this one earlier in the month in a bigger format as well as in a different style.  Here is sits...  I'm stuck..  Should have finished it immediately.  Now I'm afraid of it.. LOL..

  To me the center is done.  The left and right corners have been the areas pitching me fits.  Mentor Bill says to get bigger brushes and knives.
Feel free to comment if you have a suggestion.

Saturday, June 18, 2011

Plein Air Chalange #2

10x12  acrylic
Always wanted to paint outside.. hard to do on ones own.  So a few of the Wet Canvas people are doing it virtually.. Pretty cool.  We are painting 100 plein air to get a good understanding of subject and composition,values, hue, and chroma.  This is #2.  Three hours..  its harder than it looks.. ;-)

Pelican In Flight

Oils 9x12
I enjoy painting birds and this one was no exception!  The ref. photo was for this weeks Wet Canvas Weekend Drawing Event.  This was going to be a warm up for me to get a rhythm going.  I have three pieces on the easel that need attention.. But this one was to much fun to stop.. ;-)
  Beth (SignChick) is hosting this weeks event, and she put up quite a few ref that I really like.  Might just see another painting from me from her WDE. Thanks Beth!

Monday, June 13, 2011

Sunset II

Sunset II
Oils 11x6 on hardboard

 Taken, again, from Eye Paint's wde-  Challenge was to use knives didn't even use fingers.  ;-)  Learned a lot about softening edges with the knife, long ways to go on that front.  Looks better on the easel cause I give up photographing heavy impasto.
  A side note here..  We got our fishing licenses and since some of us on WC are doing a new project "Paint 100 Plein Air Pieces"  I hope to have many landscapes with lakes and old farm ponds soon! (Catch and release cause Momma hates to cook fish in the house!)

Friday, June 10, 2011

Blue Heron

Oils 5x7 Hardboard
Just a little 5x7 taken from the Wet Canvas Wee3kend Drawing Event.  Finally got one done early!  Eye Paint is the host this week and again.. lots of wonderful ref. photos.  I even did the challenge, which was to use knives.  What country gal doesn't like to play with knives.  ;-)
I hope to get a few more little ones done today.

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Yellow Rapeseed

5x7 Acrylic Linen Hardboard
I love old trees with character.. Not that I can paint them well.. But I do try.. This was a WDE hosted by Scatty.

Little Chestnut Mare

5x7 Acrylic on linen Hardwood
Took a day just to paint. Garden is planted and to wet to put in the rest of the flower beds.. so why not?

Scatty was the host for the Wet Canvas WDE, she had quite a few referances that I would like to do so picked two..
First was this little mare.. I didn't do her justice.. but sure did enjoy painting her.

Monday, June 6, 2011

Summer Jetty

Summer Jetty
Oils 11x14
Canvas Hardboard

Water has such an intimate draw to humans. When I watch people who stand on the coastline, I see their eyes constantly scan the expanse before them. Occasionally their fascination with the undulating rhythm is interrupted by a seagull or other creature. But soon their gaze returns to the sea. Then off come the shoes and they reach in to pat and play as the water swirls about their ankles. I am no different than those on the beach and the years have not diminished the my yearning and study of the colors and shapes are within the waves. They say paint what you know.. I say paint what drives you! Whatever the connection that we humans have to the ocean, it is a marvel to behold.    One of God's wonders laid out in all its splendor which I am driven to put to canvas.  But a shallow copy of the splendor He lays before us.  An artist can but try....

Thursday, June 2, 2011

Blue Alaska

Blue Alaska
Oil 11x14 Gallery Wrap Canvas

Alaska revisited.. A year of study changes how one perceives the world. Value, and color is not just what is put down on the canvas.  The creative mind adds harmony and the brush becomes an instrument that sings to the viewer.  I hope my paintings sing well.