Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Stoneware- Robin Egg Blue

   Stoneware is such a different animal compared to the porcelain!   I had some of the mugs on the window sill after they came out of the kiln.   A few gals walked by and decided they had to have them.   A few other gals stopped in and 20 mugs are gone along with most of the vases, plus I have orders for 3 dozen of the robin egg blue.  If this keeps up I'll be hurting for festival pieces and paintings.  So.. must throw/paint faster. ;)

Porcelain Fresh Out of The Oven

  These are a few of my porcelain dishes fresh out of the kiln.   Have to get a supply started for festivals and these are the first of the year.  Cups and mugs are going in the kiln this week!

    I must say that throwing pots is addictive.  In an odd way it really is so much like painting.  The use of interesting shape and color harmony really sums up how a painting presents itself to the viewer.  I think the only difference between the two is that I don't agonize over the pottery like I do the painting.

I've started mixing some of my own glazes.  There was a lot of trial and error with this batch.  Most turned out great, but now I have to pick which glazes I like the best.  Trouble is.. Well.. I like them all!