Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Running Free

Running Free
8x10 canvas
Been awhile since I did a southwest theme.. Not that I didn't want to be doing them.. Just been learning.. sometimes learning means no finished pieces just practice and studies.

Been working on Jim's (Jim57 from WC) and Mike Rooney's suggestions of value, transition, and soft edges with lost edges.

This little mare has been bouncing around in my head for two weeks now. I sketched her and kept going back to visit.. Well her stall was getting full.. If ya'll know what I mean. So she got let out today.

Sunday, February 26, 2012

Studies of Key West

5x7 Oil
Studies of Key

Here are some of the studies of the Key's.  As I progress deeper into the concept of value, these paintings have been taking on a photographic quality.  The boat was one of the last ones I did in Key Largo and there is a marked difference from the earlier ones.  What Mike taught me is starting to make sense now.

Also under Mike Rooney's  tutelage I learned that color is secondary to value, and there is no substitute for being there.
I took pictures of the buildings and sky of Key West, then compared them to the color studies I did of the same subject.  Its like night and day!  No wonder paintings from photos tend to look a bit dark or to light.  When out on the street painting Mike drilled it into me that artists have to have a stored memory to paint from.  There are three reasons to have a good understanding of what your seeing stored in one's brain.  First, is for referral on how to mix color temp. and saturation. Secondly, when you take a painting home to finish you can use past information to solve issues that arise from not being there.  Last, so you can paint a photo to the best advantage and create a harmonious shift of values, color, temperature, and color saturation.

The frame is actually made of old lobster trap slats.  Kinda neat to see the barnacles and other sea damage on the frame. Also there is an official lobster trap tag on it too.  :-)  So how cool is that?

Will be posting some of the oils I did in color soon.  Check back!

Saturday, February 25, 2012

Lessons With Mike Rooney

Gracie's Garden
11x14 Oil
Gee... not sure where to start this post. So I'll begin with a little chatter about  Mike Rooney. He is an awesome teacher artist and new found friend. He gave me tools to work with so I can become a better artist.   One of the first things he went over was how important it was to have a good understanding of hue, value, temperature, and saturation.  Then applied it to my plein aire instruction.  Talked me though everything from start to finish using wonderful analogies that are simple and easy to remember.  I don't chase shadows now or even worry if it clouds up and I lose the light.
Ah.. and did I mention he also got me over my fear of painting in front of people?  Saving that story for when I have more time to write. :)
Mike is easygoing and a blast to learn from and to paint with.  I highly recommend Mike's workshops and if you really want to learn spend the extra and take private lessons with him.  Its well worth it!  Check out his blog at Mike Rooney Studios

My reception at The Market Street Art Spot in Minerva Oh. is on the 9th.  Busy framing and finishing up a few paintings. So stop in and check out my paintings.  Looking forward to seeing ya all!

About the painting.. its a plein aire that I did in Key Largo.  Took a little more than two hours to finish.  I wish the picture was a bit better.  In person it really looks like you can walk into it, almost 3D.     I'll be posting more of the Key paintings when I get a chance.

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Key West Monochromatic paintings

  Art and culture abound here at Key West.  Took a workshop with Mike Rooney and will be taking private lessons too. 

He suggested value studies.. So here are the first two.  5x7 oil

Will be posting others when I get the time.  Did I mention its 75 here. :)