Saturday, February 23, 2013

Put The Lime in Da Coconut

8x10 Oil on Canvas

It has been awhile since I posted some paintings.   Finished a few but they left for new homes before I got photos.  

This one has been on my mind since last Feb.  A cute little lime house in Key West that caught my eye.

8x10 oil on canvas

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Grand Entrance

Oil  On 12x16 Hardboard
  This was the view as you come into Sedona off of Rt. 179 and 87A.  It was our first glimpse of the famous red rocks.

  Usually I can paint a landscape in a day or two.  The clear sky and brilliant colors  made this a difficult piece for me to finish.  The moving and not having a designated place to paint didn't help with getting it done either.
  Learned much from this painting.  Foremost lesson is that if you don't know the subject well its difficult to make color choices.  The Sedona area was a very beautiful but foreign landscape. 
  Don't have my light box down here so the photo is not quite representative.