Monday, November 5, 2012

Sunset Naples Fl. Plein Air

8x12 Oil
Canvas Paper
Been doing these little diddles (8x12 canvas paper) when I don't have a lot of time.  This one took about 10 min. to complete.
The sun had just started to touch the water when I started this.  If you have ever watched an ocean sunset you know that means you have only about 10 min before its completely gone.  We had just gotten home so it was a mad dash to get the paints out mixed and on the canvas.   No time to paint with brushes so it was done entirely with a knife.  Since plein air studies are just a quick representation of the essence of a place, the idea is to get the colors and values right for the studio.
Its a big help to paint from life rather than a photo.  Photos don't tell the whole story of value and color.  For me there is still a huge learning curve going on.  Which colors to keep and what is or is not an important part of the painting.  Painting in real life outside the values and colors change from moment to moment.  With everything coming at you its hard to make decisions sometimes.  I'm learning though and becoming  more comfortable in making a selection with each quicky.

Sunday, November 4, 2012

Plein Air in Naples

Florida... What a wonderful place! Finally getting a chance to show some of the plein air paintings.  This one was a quicky from our balcony.   First morning light.  I concentrated on only painting the big shapes of shadow and light.  Took about 45 mins and has no real detail than the palm.  But it does convey the essence.  I think I am beginning to understand how to leave things out.  You just have to paint what was important to you in the moments you first looked on the landscape.  Any other detail should be lost and left out.  Much harder than it looks to do.