Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Fall scene

8x8 oil
Pulled this from the "when I"m a better artist' box. 
 Can't say I am all that happy with the turn out.  But I post the good with the bad.  How else can I call it a journey if I just blog the stuff I am happy with.  It gives me reason explore and paint the next attempt with a do and don't list.
 Leafs and other foliage are a challenge.
Looks much better in person as the pink and mauve highlights got lost in photoing.  But I'm painting and having fun.

Monday, August 27, 2012

Here Little fishy

5x7 oil on hardboard
Another zoo photo.   Lots of fun as I loved painting the bright colors.  Never painted a fish before.  Though once an artist figures out that painting is all shapes and values its not all that hard.  I'm finally getting some of this down.

Thursday, August 23, 2012

Young Herd Sire

OIl  5x7 Harboard

The trip to the zoo was so inspiring!  I couldn't help but paint this fellow!   I had to use three or four photos to get this right.  He was standing at such an odd angle to the camera that not all of him would fit so I had to move around the enclosure to get clear shots of him.  I ended fudging a bit here and there, but still a bit thrilled that it worked out.
The second photo shows the painting at the 'almost finished stage.'  Usually I work the background at the same time but this was an experiment to see just how the values and hues change when placed  next to different colors.  The idea came from a canvas that I primed with left over mix of paint that was a deep red. (Waste not want not right?)  Normally I use a magenta/orange wipe so it was kinda of odd to paint on this.  There really is difference how the eye perceives the colors isn't there?    I did add a touch of the finish background and had to deepen some of the shadow values to him so the colors would be harmonious. Though most of the elephant's coloring is untouched.

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Kidding About

Oil 8x10 canvas
The reference came from a Wet Canvas Week End Challenge that I hosted last year.  I was to chicken to do this and watched as others did a mighty fine job of it.  Put it in my "Someday, when I am a better artist box."  Yesterday was someday.   :D  Wish I had a better shot of this, but paintings don't photograph well in the studio.  To much glare.    

Monday, August 20, 2012


5x7 Oil Hardboard

   Took a few days to go play in Cleveland.  Yes, Cleveland.  Who knew that Cleveland had turned into a culture orientated city? 

  What started the adventure..  We Love zoos and thought it might be worth a day trip.  Turned into two days.   Last time I was in Cleveland it was in a state of upheaval, do to the steel mills closing.  Not a pretty site.  Though with time all things change, and this city has taken a step to the better side of those sad times.
   Enjoyed 5 hours at the art museum before it closed.  Only got halfway through the basement exhibits and have two more floors left to explore.   If the basement is any indication of a time line, we will be spending a weeks worth of days just to finish going through it!  Decided since it was getting late we should stay over and spend a whole day at the zoo.   They don't have a wide variety of animals but they all have a healthy gleam in their eyes and to their coats. An enjoyable day.

   At the zoo people probably thought me a bit nutty.  With taking so many photos-of their idea of the same thing.  But, as I have found out, it is rare for a single photo to make a good painting.  To get a feel for all of what is going on and forming a road map of sorts you need to have slight variations to see shifts in values.  Cameras do lie to artists!
   Hope you enjoy this one as much as I did when I painted him.

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Standing Proud

11x14 Canvas
They say to paint what you know but sometimes there are elements to what you know that create a lot of artistic tension.  In saying that, well faces of all kinds make me nervous to paint.  This one I stuck with and actually it really looks like the bull.  Had to redo the body on it though.  I was told my first version was not finished.  I didn't define the shadows of the bull.  Back-lit or not the shadows have color and depth.  So now he is finished.

Thursday, August 2, 2012

Home On The Range

Acrylic  8x10 on Canvas
Back to painting landscapes.  Seemed a bit empty so added a cow.  This is just a bit of a study and I think I will redo the her head.   I have been working the cobwebs out with my acrylics.  I think I am finally getting them to behave again.  Wish I could say the same for watercolors.
Now that things have quieted down a bit I think I can start painting everyday again!