Friday, June 29, 2012

Morning in Key Largo

Oil 11x14 Hardboard
  I did a study on site, plein air, of this scene, and now I have finally gotten a chance to paint it.  The study was a 5x7 format so making it work on a llx14 took a lot of think time.  The little ones tend to be easier for me than large.  Part of the problem lies in wanting to put in more than needs be.  The little study helped cut out all the 'noise.'  After just sticking to the study I took a peek at the photograph I took.  Good thing I signed it. ;-)

Sunday, June 24, 2012

Full Of It.

5x7 Oil on Hardboard
     There is a little box here in my studio with reference photos in it. It is loosely called the "have to wait till I get better box." Anyone else have something similar? The better half calls my box the 'Scardy Cat Box.'   Perhaps.. ;)
    Every so often, without looking into the box, I reach in and pick a photo out.  This one almost went back to the box when I saw it.  But if it went back then I would be a scardy cat, wouldn't I? Can't have that now can we?
    Here is the fuzzy little colt who was dashing about the padlock having fun testing out his little engine. Not sure the movement is portrayed in the painting, but it was sure fun to do.  Hope you enjoy looking at him as much as I did painting the little guy.

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Mountain Grazing

8x10 Oil on linen hardboard
Original title,huh?  ;-)   Probably not going to be the title but for now it suits.  Thanks for looking!

Lesson for the month; lighting.  Put up chroma 50 bulbs in the studio.  Very nicely lit up, bright, and cheery.  The result was dark mid value range paintings.  Took a whole month of frustration to figure it out.  Removed half the bulbs and muted it more over my easel.  Like magic! Back to paintings that stand out pretty well in any light.  Whew.. I thought for a little bit I had lost my touch.

Friday, June 1, 2012

Rooster Doo

8x10 Oil on Hardboard
A little diddle that I did cleaning up the palette after I painted the Golden Goose.  Took about 20 min. and it too was fun to paint.

My little Art Inspiration Fairy had been on vacation for the last two months.  Its nice she finally came back! The funk came from two opposing views that caused an internal tension that I had to work through.  
'The Artist's Spirit' by Henri and Harley Browns book, 'Eternal Truths For Every Artist'  Both books are excellent reads and full of encouragement. In the case of Harley's book its chock full of techniques and processes.
The issue I had to work through was their outlook on drawing. Harvey wants an artist to be able to draw well.  Where Henri states he wants only the flimsiest of a sketch on the canvas.  You paint what your see you do not draw it first.  The later is how I paint because if I sketch it on the canvas I end up with to tight of a painting for my tastes.  I'm sure Henri insists that you must draw well just to use your brush to do so.  Guess I had to make a place in my head for both styles to meld a bit.  I have been told there is not a thing wrong with my drawing skills so I am at peace with doing it Henri's way.  You bet though that I still sketch in my book every day. Makes everything right with the world now.. So Back to painting! 

Golden Goose

4x6 Oil on Hardboard

This was FUN!  Thanks Kort for the grand reference photo and hosting the Wet Canvas Southwest June Challenge!