Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Little Piggy Banks Ready For Market

Stoneware and Porcelain
Altered pot technique
  When I paint I have the finished painting in my mind and follow it to the end.  But with altering pots it doesn't quite work that way.  When you bang it on the table, pinch, pull or cut it up the end result never quite matches the mental image in my head.  (I think that is why I'm so captivated with the pottery.)
  In saying that, these little piggies have been pitching me fits since September. The results really didn't match how I wanted them to look.  But the outcome is no less appealing to the eye and touch.  As a friend said.. "Oh, how CUTE! They are just adorable!"  And I have to agree.  :)


  1. Hi Catherine. These are such darlings! You're on to something here. Hope you're doing well. We miss you around the Western Forum.


  2. Hi Jenna.. Thanks.. Miss you guys too. I do visit the forum and keep tabs on ya all. ;)

  3. How do i order one? I have been wanting to order one since great trails festival in malvern ohio.

    1. Shyann.. Please contact me at ckendrick@catherinesartcorner.com and I'll make arrangements with you to get one shipped out.