Thursday, April 6, 2017

Throwing Laguna Frost Clay

I mentioned earlier about taking John Britt's glaze workshop.  During the class he mentioned that Laguna Frost can only be thrown about 6" high and that a pot thrown higher had to be heavy.  To which I responded with a comment that its not so..  Sorry John, but I learned on Frost and since I was self taught I didn't have anyone to tell me that I couldn't throw it high and thin walled.  I just kept at it till I got a knack for it.
  Below are a few of the smaller Frost pots I threw this week.  I always weigh out the clay so I know how far I can push the envelope size wise.  The two vases on the left are made from 20 ounces of clay and they did not receive any trimming.  They are 9"-10" tall.  The key lime green pot was 22 ounces of clay and it has a trimmed foot.
  I've had other potters ask me how I get the larger thin pots to stand up and not deform in the kiln.  The answer is geometry and understanding the stresses a piece goes under in the kiln.  The thicker rim allows the piece to maintain its shape while the shape of the pot itself lends it to keep its shape.
  All three pots are really light and balanced. 

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