Saturday, May 18, 2019

A day.. or so, in the Life of a Production Potter!

Getting ready for season... a day in the life of a production potter.  Well a day and a short morning of throwing them.  I was a bit tired and didn't finish up all the bowls yesterday afternoon so spent an hour this morning and threw the last 7 balls of clay.  Still need to have them dry a bit before trimming. 

40 bowls..   (20 of which are destined to be berry bowls.)  Figure I need about 40 more to start with.
175 coasters..  Ugh.. One of the most boring of pots to throw! I'll need about 300 more so its going to be split up in two or three sessions.

Now it did take an afternoon to measure out and weigh the clay.. So I guess it is almost a two day effort.
Next on the list is fish and trays.  Have to dig out the slab roller...  Figure about 40 fish and 300 trays to do.  Like the bowls and coasters I'll be splitting up the routine.

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